Sujay Polei | Odisha

Sujay faced significant challenges in his life due to his family’s financial situation, as the income from their farming activities was insufficient to support his higher education. Nonetheless, he managed to complete his Diploma in electrical trade in 2019. Unfortunately, despite his qualifications, job opportunities were limited, and he found himself trying his luck in various positions, including part-time work as an electrical appliance repairer, which didn’t bring him satisfaction.

A new start

However, in 2023, Sujay’s life took a positive turn when he discovered a Solar PV Installer Training Programme offered by Generation. This program had specific requirements tailored to electricians, which perfectly matched his background. Without hesitation, he enrolled in the program, excited about the new path it could open for him.

Leveraging his background in electrical trade, Sujay quickly adapted to the program’s curriculum, finding it engaging and informative. With unwavering support from the trainers and the Generation India team, Sujay secured an interview with Mahindra Teqo, which he successfully passed. He was offered a position as a Junior Technician and was assigned to work in Bengaluru.

Passion, motivation, and camaraderie

On May 2, 2023, Sujay began his professional journey with Mahindra Teqo. The organization not only resonated with his passion, but also provided a welcoming and supportive work environment. Sujay discovered motivation and camaraderie among his colleagues and managers.

When asked if he would recommend the program to others, Sujay responded with heartfelt appreciation, stating, “Absolutely. I am profoundly grateful to Generation for providing me with this employment opportunity and shaping my career.” Sujay’s story exemplifies the essential role of such programs in transforming lives and enabling individuals to pursue their dreams in the green energy sector, thus contributing to the global shift toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.