Sanjana Salian | Mumbai

Hailing from Mumbai, Sanjana shares her home with her parents and younger sister. The pandemic shook the stability of her world, leaving her unemployed and facing difficulty in re-entering the job market.

Seizing Opportunity with Generation India

Amid the uncertainty, Sanjana discovered Generation India’s Junior Full Stack Java Developer program. Introduced through a local survey, she recognized it as a chance for personal and professional growth. The program’s tailored approach equipped her with practical skills and insights essential for the competitive corporate landscape. Guided by dedicated mentors, Sanjana sharpened her abilities, and prepared herself for the challenging job market.

Graduating from Generation India marked a pivotal moment for Sanjana. Securing a job as a Software Engineer at Ernest & Young, she embraced her newfound responsibilities with determination. Her success not only brought pride to her family but also set the stage for further career advancement. With optimism and ambition, Sanjana’s future shines brightly, a testament to the transformative impact of Generation India in empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and realize their aspirations.