Madhusudan Siya | Odisha

Embarking on a Journey of Hope

Madhusudan’s life took a challenging turn when he lost his father at a young age, making his mother the sole provider for their family. His mother’s unwavering determination allowed them to make ends meet. However, a significant turning point in Madhusudan’s life came when his grandfather extended his support, enabling him to secure admission to an ITI (Industrial Training Institute) and thus, initiating his career journey.

As he pursued his studies at the ITI, a significant opportunity arose when he became aware of Generation India’s training program for the Solar PV job role. This program offered a distinctive commitment: it not only delivered thorough training but also assured support in securing suitable employment upon graduation.

Seizing the opportunity

Madhusudan made a bold decision to seize this opportunity and enroll in the training program. He was keen on continuing his regular training while delving into the world of solar energy, which he found exciting and full of opportunities. He spoke highly of the guidance he received from his trainers and how Generation supported him in securing an interview at Mahindra Teqo. After successfully passing the tests and interviews, he began working there alongside his friends from the program.

When asked if he would recommend the Generation program, Madhusudan expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am immensely thankful to Generation India and my teachers for providing me with this chance to find my path.” Green energy signifies more than just environmental conservation; it represents the creation of hope, opportunities, and improved lives for individuals like Madhusudan.