Generation India receives Brand Impact Award 2022

Generation India Foundation conferred with the prestigious “Brand Impact Award 2022” by Indian Achievers’ Forum

Generation India Foundation (GIF), a pioneer non-profit organisation that trains and places people of all ages into life-changing jobs, has achieved the ‘Brand Impact Award 2022’ in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution towards nation building.

Generation India Foundation has created a significant impact in the lives of thousands of young individuals by tackling the issue of non-employability of large sections of youth, who have little or no job skills. Since its inception, GIF has trained over 18,000+ learners across 100+ Indian cities with 83% graduation rate and 73% of retention rate at 3 months and 61% retention at 6 months of employment.

Sharing his views on the milestone, Arunesh Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Generation India, said, “I feel so proud about this accomplishment. We are determined to strengthen Generation India’s presence further with value-driven engagement. I would like to dedicate this award to all the team members, faculty, our government partners and employer partners for their continued efforts in meeting the objectives. And above all, to our learners from across the country who confided in us and our programs.”

Generation launched less than eight years ago, and in that time has scaled rapidly to meet the challenges of global unemployment — challenges that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. To date, Generation has more than 60,000 graduates across 17 countries. Within 3 months of program completion, 83% of graduates are placed in jobs and they see a 3–4x income increase over what they were making prior to Generation. We’ve worked with more than 8,500 employers, and 65% of graduates over the past 12 months have been hired by repeat employer partners. And Generation’s results are durable — two to five years after the program, 70% of alumni continue to meet daily financial needs, ~40% are saving for the future, and 81% are confident about their ability to achieve their professional goals.