Through the Pandemic, a Generation of Hope

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a ripple effect on India. Key aspects of life have been dynamically altered, one of the most significant being employment. Our job landscape, working styles, roles, responsibilities, and mediums of work have nearly changed dramatically from what they were earlier.

These new waters provide opportunities and challenges for both employers and employees. In this interconnected world, the only way forward is to find synergies between the new demands from both employers as well as employees.

The Employment Challenge

Although 2020 was widely termed the worst-ever year for the Indian job market, on the contrary, certain sectors witnessed an overall spike in employment.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals were the biggest gainers, as the companies exponentially increased their hiring of nurses and in-house doctors. With the extensive global requirement for medication, staff to manage the demand in both production and sales also witnessed a rise in requirement. New job roles and additional responsibilities also emerged as companies adapted to the ‘new normal’. As the economy moved to digital, roles in areas such as data protection, data privacy, IT backend support, and cybersecurity were created. EdTech companies were also big gainers since education too has shifted online.

Nonetheless, the biggest challenge still encountered by many companies was and continues to be the hiring of candidates whose profiles fit these new roles and the dynamic job requirements.1 83% of HR professionals reported having difficulties in finding suitable candidates, especially in middle-skilled jobs and high-skilled STEM jobs.2

A different lens

The pandemic has not just exposed the cracks, it has widened the schism that separates under-resourced groups from the rest of the working population. Women have been slower to regain jobs, and a large part of India’s informal sector, that accounts for 90% of all employment, has struggled with loss of jobs or wage cuts.

Adapting to a digital work environment has contributed to a different set of challenges, primarily, upskilling. With viewing workers and jobs in a new light, employees now need a whole new set of skills in extension to performing their required tasks.3

The Skill Train

Digital technology and communication skills are highly sought-after by both learners and employers.

Today, technology holds the key to better employment prospects for those newly joining the workforce. Domains like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, Full Stack Web Development and Data Science are seeing increased representation, leading to the creation of jobs across industries.

Companies are investing in massive skill (reskill and upskill) development programs for their teams, with particular emphasis on soft skills. With remote working here to stay, effective communication and conflict management skills are regarded as the need of the hour.3

Helping youth recover and restart

Generation India has been committed to preparing, placing and supporting people into life-changing careers. Among all our graduates, 54% are women, and over 40% have dependents. Our graduates also earn higher starting salaries compared to their peers, and through Generation programs, their incomes have grown by nearly 3.4x over the past year.

Positive results have also been achieved for our employer partners. We work with 5,050+ employer partners globally, 84% of whom say that Generation graduates outperform their peers. 83% of employers are also keen to hire Generation graduates in the future.

The diverse programs we offer include Junior Full Stack Java Developer, General Duty Assistant, Retail Sales Associate, MSME Loan Officer, Sewing Machine Operator, Customer Care Executive, Food & Beverage Steward and many more. We deliver these programs in both an online and blended format. With our unique approach to training, our young graduates have imbibed skills that go beyond their current roles, giving them access to meaningful opportunities in their respective sectors.

We have also organized a special Covid-19 e-learning module for healthcare professionals. First launched in Italy, the epicenter of Europe’s outbreak, the program trained over 120,000 nurses across India in just a few months, between May 2020 to Dec 2020

In Conclusion:

The ‘new normal’ work environment is filled with myriad challenges. But for millions of Indians, it is also filled with equal opportunities. Generation strives to bridge the gap between employers and employees and transform education and employment systems for a brighter tomorrow.

Join us to be a part of this transformation.