Mexico update – Feb 2016


In Mexico, our newest program, we have chosen the retail industry for initial focus, as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country and there is a constant need for new talent among top companies. Generation works directly with these employers to create a comprehensive training program that focuses on the technical and behavioral skills and mindsets needed to succeed within their industry.

In 2015, Generation Mexico trained 89 students, 90 percent of whom come from a low socioeconomic level, and 40 percent of whom are women. Ninety-one percent of our graduates received job offers as cashiers. With these jobs, our students are rising into the second quintile of income for their age group.

The program results have been beyond what our youth and employers expected. Through Generation, our students have developed not only technical skills but also have discovered their strengths and built a growth mindset that will help them for life; as a result, Generation cashiers are highly motivated when they start working, becoming more satisfied employees.

These newly trained cashiers are receiving higher performance scores from their managers despite receiving less on-the-job training than their peers. Employers have stated that Generation cashiers excel in customer service and that they want to hire more. Here are just a few examples of employers who have hired Generation graduates:

  • “The Generation cashier has had a tremendous impact for the store because of his attitude and proactivity. Other cashiers have even asked which kind of training did he have.”
  • “I will be really interested in hiring more Generation candidates. They have deeper knowledge and their customer service is astonishing!”
  • “I was convinced I wanted to hire the Generation candidate when he told me, ‘I want your position someday.’ We are not used to have cashiers with that level of motivation!”

In the first half of 2016, we will launch other Generation Programs in Mexico. Our goals for 2016 are to design a curriculum and launch a new program for retails sales and sales in financial services. We plan to train 5,000 youth and place them in jobs by 2016, increasing that number to 120,000 by 2020.
We will also demonstrate a return on investment for employers, participants, and society—as well as develop a sustainable and replicable methodology.

We are convinced that with the great enthusiasm we’ve found in the community, Generation Mexico will continue its growth and will become instrumental in solving the youth unemployment issue in Mexico.