Parakrama Panda | Odisha

Parakrama’s Success Journey: From Modest Beginnings to a Promising Career in Green Jobs

Parakrama Panda hails from Dahimundali, a village situated in the Ganjam district of Odisha, India. His upbringing mirrored that of many boys in his village, rooted in the agricultural lifestyle. With his father working as a farmer, life was challenging, particularly when it came to balancing the expenses of education with the family’s farming income.

Educational Background and Challenges

Parakrama completed his 12th grade in 2018 and went on to pursue his ITI (Industrial Training Institute) course, which he completed in 2020. Right after finishing his training, the onset of COVID-19 completely altered his circumstances. For nearly two years, he searched for jobs but either found no openings or faced rejection due to a lack of industry-required skills. Financial constraints further hindered his dream of pursuing a diploma course, as he didn’t want to burden his family with additional expenses.

Discovering and Enrolling in Generation India

After two years of job searching, a turning point came when one of his trainers recommended a course on Solar PV Installer, a training program provided by Generation India Foundation. Intrigued by the prospect, Parakrama enrolled in the course. Reflecting on his decision, he said, “One of my trainers suggested me to join the Solar PV Installer programme, being offered under Generation India. After conducting my research, I realized this could be the right opportunity for me and therefore I immediately decided to join the same.”

Life During the Training Program

Once enrolled, Parakrama excelled in the Solar PV Installer course, leveraging his ITI background. He found the practical exposure given during the training sessions particularly valuable, enjoying the hands-on learning experience in solar technology. “I liked the practical exposure given during the training sessions. The new learning on solar technology was fascinating,” he shared.
Throughout the program, he acquired new knowledge and skills in solar technology, soft skills, and interview preparation. The support from the Generation India team, including free training and employment opportunities, significantly impacted his confidence and motivation. Reflecting on his experience, he highlighted the invaluable opportunity of this free training, which not only equipped him with essential skills but also inspired his personal growth and confidence.

A New Beginning at Mahindra Teqo Ltd

After graduating from the programme, Parakrama joined Mahindra Teqo Ltd on May 3, 2023, in Bengaluru. Initially, he struggled with the idea of being away from his family but soon adapted to his new environment. His role involved working on the distribution systems, climbing rooftops, and maintaining solar panels. He was even sent to Bharuch, Gujarat, on deputation, where he continued to excel.

“I started working and taking up all tasks given to me. I overcame every challenge and worked in the distribution systems of Mahindra Teqo, where I had to climb rooftops and take care of the maintenance of the solar panels,” Parakrama explained. He is now confident about his future and plans to enroll in a Diploma program in the same field using his savings.

Impact and Reflections

Generation India proved to be a transformative experience for Parakrama, linking him to employment opportunities and providing him with the necessary skills. Since joining Mahindra Teqo, Parakrama has experienced significant changes in his life, including increased confidence, financial independence, and the ability to support his family. Parakrama says, “I am very happy that Generation India gave me this opportunity and allowed me to work for such a big organization. Such skill training programs are a great help for aspirants like me.”

Looking ahead, Parakrama is optimistic about his future and his career. “I am learning a lot every day and can get better opportunities if I use the skills acquired during the training. Based on my experience, I would recommend this program to everyone who is facing financial challenges but striving to acquire new skills and advance in their careers. Generation India helped me gain my career objectives, and I want every unemployed youth to benefit from initiatives like this.” he stated confidently.