Break the chain, bring in change

Break the chain, bring in change

Established patterns are incredibly challenging to change, especially when they involve collective agendas, such as governance, policy making, communal welfare, and economic growth.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore one such pattern India is keen to break – the vicious cycle between poverty and skill development.

On the one hand…

Learners struggling to overcome threatening environments, are often faced with difficult choices.

In many cases, immediate needs far outweigh any future considerations, forcing students to drop out of school, accept low-paying but immediately available jobs and embark on a future path with little to no scope for meaningful growth.

Issues surrounding perception are another factor that keeps learners from life-changing opportunities. When it comes to vocational education, there is a societal stigma around the value of such courses and the job prospects available, which contributes to people’s hesitancy in investing their personal resources towards these options.

And on the other…

While the Indian primary school education system is robust even in remote parts of the country, quality higher education and specialization courses are largely inaccessible to the people who need it the most, especially the poor and women.

But across the globe, the economic impact of state investment in skill development courses is inarguably positive. Consequently, over the past few years, several measures have been taken to improve vocational and skill development courses.

Breaking the chain

With an increase in awareness towards initiatives by governments and non-governmental agencies, there has been a steady shift towards completing school education and taking up vocational courses which open doors for better job prospects.

s offering technical, communication and digital data management skill development are extremely popular among both learners and organizations. Given the universality of these skills, such courses are also thought of as ‘gateway courses’ which allow learners the flexibility to work in any field.

Bringing in Positive Change

Generation India has been committed to preparing, placing and supporting people into life-changing careers. 54% of those graduating from our courses are women, and over 40% have dependents.

The courses we offer include Junior Full Stack Java Developer, Retail Sales Associate, General Duty Assistant, Customer Care Executive, Sewing Machine Operator and Food & Beverage Steward. Through the past year, we also organized special Covid-19 E-learning courses for healthcare professionals that have trained over 120,000 nurses in India.

Our distinct training methods ensure that our learners are equipped not only with the right skills, but also the right mindset that enables them to access greater opportunities in any industry.


India’s workforce and the job market are rapidly progressing. With concerted efforts, the vicious cycle between poverty and skill development is slowly evolving into a virtuous cycle of skill development and overall economic welfare.

Generation aims to spread this evolution to every corner of India. Join us to be a part of this mission.